Learn Real Skills

At No Limits Gym we have designed our training to promote real skill development while being fit and active. We are passionate about developing your combat skills in striking, grappling and self defence.

Join the NLG Family

At two awesome locations… Richmond and Sutherland… We aim to create a welcoming team for everyone from all walks of life. We genuinely encourage all people to come and train with us regardless of your skill or fitness level.


Our services extend further than combat classes; with a complete weights and cardio gym at both locations and several experienced personal trainers that will guide you to achieve your fitness or fighting goals.

Elite Instructors

From striking to grappling we have a lineup of instructors who have fighting experience at the professional world class level. Through years of dedication to their respective arts our instructors have acquired the knowledge and tools to build you into a fit and skilful athlete.


Our instructors and classes will challenge and strengthen your courage and resilience. Whether you want to be a champion in the ring, on the mats or in your everyday life we will help you to fulfil your potential with NO LIMITS.