At NO LIMITS GYM we realise that you have choices when it comes to fitness and we’d like to thank you for taking the first step into improved well being and fitness here at NO LIMITS GYM.

We understand that making the decision to commit to working out is difficult and that you will ask yourself a few questions. Like will the staff appreciate my business after I join? Will I get along with other members of the gym? Our goal at NO LIMITS GYM is to answer these questions with yes!

Our Gym is for every one from all walks’ of life, you have multiple choices within the centre on how and when you can train.

Come along and join one of our many classes. Here you will feel welcomed and encouraged, all egos are left at the door. At NO LIMITS GYM we are all equal I/we don’t feel anyone is better than anybody else as we all have our own qualities, which is why taking one of our NON threatening classes is so enjoyable.